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Post  Fellen on Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:26 am

Ah, the circus ring...

It may very well be the smallest unit of our entire underground facility, but I dare to say that it is no doubt one of the most important arenas of them all. The immaculate circular ring may be set at a stage lower than that of the outer ring, but it does not fail in taking its place at the centre of the ripple. This is where the Nocturne Theatre's main showcases take place. The ring is encased by a circumference of thick, semi-high walls to separate its glory from the lackluster outer ring. High enough to prevent the experiments to make much contact with the audience members, but low enough to allow the audience members to award them with the gifts they - no, we - deserve.

The rim is additionally paved with solid, glass panes - much similar to the animal tamers' training room. However, the panes are much larger in order to accommodate the appropriate room for not only the experiments to perform but for the audience members to view the aquatic animals in their best form. The opening and closing of these panes are operated by us (the scientists). The aquatic animals travel between the training room and the inner circus ring through an underground tunnel which we, also, carefully operate. Sames rules of the training room apply here: the animals who spin beyond the control of the experiments will be electrified via their respective collars, and those experiments who intend on using the animals to their advantage will be severely punished.

Besides the Aerials, all other factions are expected to bring in their equipment upon entering. Over the inner circus ring, in the shadows, lies all the equipment the Aerials could possibly require. These are pulled down by us (the scientists) through particular operators. In order to get to these platforms, the Aerials must go up to the light room set high above the stage and climb up the ladders towards their respective platforms.

- Quartz, the Ringmaster.

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