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Post  Fellen on Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:36 am

This would be the first area you'd enter after paying your entry fee at the ticket box. The interior of the outer ring is less than fancy in order to drive attention towards the inner ring as opposed to its cyclical neighbour. An arrangement of ascending, wooden benches surrounds the main arena, while just behind it lies the corridor of stalls with their respective stall keepers commonly shouting out their last minute offers to their hasty customers. The experiments don't often tend to the seats themselves in any way besides cleaning, but the stalls hall is what seems to excite them.

The borderline of the ring is lined up with a large diversity of stalls:

For all ages: popcorn, drinks cotton candy and other types of food that are easily restocked via the machines behind their respective carts.

For children: toys and whimsical merchandise. We do often refrain from manufacturing goods that represent the experiments, though. There's no need to become overly public... nor do we want arrogance to show upon their faces.

- Quartz, the Ringmaster.

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