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Post  Fellen on Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:31 am

The dorms are anything but what one would consider as luxurious. There aren't many things which make the dorm-rooms an ideal accommodation: but then again, after a usual tiring long hard day of work, who can really complain? Barely reaching up to an average citizen's standard, the dorms are - putting it in the lightest way possible - modest, humble little rooms. Meager and bare, they're the opposite of 'homely' and the scientists seemed to have been on the mission to provide the kids as minimally as they possibly could. Enter, and you'll find yourself in a cramped square room with two bunk-beds on either side of the walls, with a door smack in the middle leading to an equally small, simple bathroom cramped with the basic essentials: shower, washbasin, toilet. It's all that the kids have got, and it's the best they'll probably ever get. Though surveillance cameras do not exist in the dorm rooms, the scientists have installed sensors at the dorm entrances in order to count the children entering and exiting the dorm. These sensors help the scientists know who exactly is in the dorm due to the children's unique barcodes.

Dorm Outline:
Dorm #31: #121 Soel, #282 Ivan.
Dorm #33: #111 Toby, #199 Caleb, #267 Aiden.

- Quartz, the Ringmaster.

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Post  heylookimbored on Fri Jan 18, 2013 5:17 pm


The bed is warm.
So is the sunlight that trickles in through the window where he used to live. The sunlight would have a slight hint of yellow in it. Maybe it will start to look orange after a while.

... Orange?

Caleb sat up from his bed in a jolt. He rubs his face with his hands in attempt to rub the heavy sleep away. His hands are too warm and they only succeeded in making him sleepier.
With a groan, he pressed his left cheek, then his right, and finally his forehead to the wall on his side. Its cold.

With the sharp difference in temperature, the warm hazy cloud cleared from his mind. Caleb is finally awake. He pushed he covers off him and hastily folded it into an acceptable cube. He then stumbled off the bed in search of clothes.

Caleb has finished his lunch quickly... a little too quickly that it had looked desperate. He felt bad for the person sitting next to him. Caleb had noticed the how other's seat was shifted slightly away from him, how the other's body was turned slightly away from him. He felt bad that the other had to sit next to him.
So he quickly finished his lunch and headed back to his dorm for a nap.

How long had he slept anyway? Caleb stole a nervous glance at the clock while he pulled on an old shirt. Good thing he didn't oversleep. But that doesn't mean that he could take his time. He should practice.

With that thought in mind, Caleb left the dorms for the Gambits' training room.

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